A1 Improvement Scheme


On Saturday 29th July 2017, the local access road between junction 52 Catterick and junction 51 Leeming will be available to public traffic. On the same evening, we will also re-open Low Street junction which provides access to and from Kirkby Fleetham, Great Fencote and Little Fencote.
Over the coming weeks, we will need to maintain temporary 30mph speed limits on the local access road. These speed limits will be in place for both the protection of our workforce and the public, as there will be remedial works still on-going. The local access road will not be formally handed over to the local highways authority (North Yorkshire County Council) at this point and will remain part of our scheme for some time.
We would once again like to thank you for being patient with us and for your support for the scheme so far. If you would like to discuss any aspects of our works, please contact our Public Liaison Team on 01677 932 348 or enquiries@a1l2b.com.

(27 July 2017)

Catterick Central Junction – Local Access Road

The A1L2B team are currently working to the following timescales (please click on the link below to see a letter confirming the arrangements)

On Friday 21 July it will be possible to use the section of the local access road between Catterick Central Junction and Leeming Lane in both directions.

A1L2B-B-01-1901 – Catterick Central Jn LAR

(Monday 10 July 2017) 

 Closure of the Southbound Exit Slip road at Barton Junction

Please find below correspondence relating to the closure of the Barton Southbound entry slip road.

A1L2B-B-01-1886 – Barton Junction

Diversions will be as follows:

  • Motorway traffic will be north on the A1 / A66 to Stapleton Roundabout and return
  • Non-motorway traffic will be using the new local access road to Scotch Corner


***A1L2B – A6108 Forthcomming Changes***

Please find the links below informing of the latest upcoming changes to A6108.

D2B-7-S-01-001-DR-005-P1 A1L2B-B-01-1494 A6108 Forthcoming Changes



A1 Upgrade – The Complete Picture

Are you curious to see what the A1 will look like when the upgrade is complete. Click on the links below to see the maps of the final plan.

Scheme Layout – 1 of 2

Scheme Layout – 2 of 2


Link to Highways website


Weekly Cascade Map
Carilion Morgan Sindall Joint Venture have now introduced a weekly cascade to keep us all informed of updates, please see latest document below:

Weekly Cascade Map wc 14th August 2017
Weekly Cascade Map wc 14th August 2017
Weekly Cascade Map wc 07th August 2017
Weekly Cascade Map wc 31st July 2017
Weekly Cascade Map wc 24th July 2017
Weekly Cascade Map wc 17th July 2017
Weekly Cascade Map wc 10th July 2017
Weekly Cascade Map wc 03rd July 2017

Middleton Tyas Lane, Scotch Corner

Please note – North Yorkshire County Council has made an Order to prohibit any vehicle from using Middleton Tyas Lane, Scotch Corner (from its junction with the roundabout eastwards to a point adjacent to its junction with the new link road to Moulton), in the District of Richmondshire, between Monday 28th March 2016 and 27th of September 2017 (subject to access to premises), due to works in connection with the upgrade of the A1(T) – the closure period will only apply as indicated by the placing of traffic signs and a local alternative route will be signed.

 It is anticipated that the initial periods of closure will take place overnight (20:00 until 06:00) during the week commencing Monday 28th March.

 All enquiries to: Customer Resolution Centre, tel 01609 780780


See below for fact sheet issued 21 October 2015:

Fact sheet Leeming to Barton improvement

(added 24 October 2015)

See below for details of the recommended diversion when Fort Bridge is closed
(from 10 November 2015 for 18 months):


(added 24 October 2015)


See below for details of changes between Leeming Junction and Sowber Hill:

Leeming – Sowber Hill TM changes

(added 13 September 2015)


Carillion Morgan Sindall Joint Venture successfully lifted the temporary bridge in to place at Catterick (Fort Bridge – see photos below):

4 July 2015 Fort Bridge -1/4 July 2015 Fort Bridge - 2



4 thoughts on “A1 Improvement Scheme

  1. Can you post me picture of how it will all look once it’s complete? It’ll be useful to know where all the roads and bridges link up when it’s all complete.

    1. I only have a map on paper which is extremely large of how everything should look once complete. I am sure there is probably something on the Highways England website although at this present moment I cannot find it. I will contact A1L2B to find out if they can point me in the right direction. Perhaps you could take a look at their website too and if you find it let me know. If I there is something available I will put it on the website.


      Shireen Rudge
      Clerk to Brompton-on-Swale Parish Council

  2. Hi, I’ve just been reading the newsletter and looking at the plans above and I’m still a little confused! Is the access to the A1 north to be permanently closed? If so, where will the access be?

    1. Hi Nicola
      There will be no access to the A1 North at Gatherley Road, similarly there will be no exit from the A1 South onto Gatherley Road. There are a couple of ways that you could get onto the A1 North from Brompton. Firstly there will be an exit from Gatherley Road (where you currently join the A1 North) onto the Local Access Road. The LAR runs virtually parallel with the A1 and you will be able to travel North and South on this road. You would access it at Gatherley Road and travel north to Scotch Corner where you will then be able to join the A1. The other option to join the A1 would be to use the new Fort Bridge (when it has been put in place) and get onto the A1 via the new Catterick Central Junction.

      If you would like to have a look at a map you would be most welcome. you can contact me, the Parish Clerk, by email or telephone.

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