North Yorkshire County Council as Local Highway Authority is shortly to undertake footway maintenance work at the above location.
The work will involve the resurfacing of the footway to the south of the junction with St Paul’s Drive and is presently programmed to commence on Tuesday 3 October 2017 and to last for up to 2 days. The work is however part of a larger package of similar works at other locations and as a consequence it is possible that some adjustments to the proposed start date and/or duration may be necessary should circumstances dictate.
Please note that the work is due to take place during the working day with pedestrian access permitted at all times. Our contractor will assist where possible when work is taking place adjacent to a vehicular access, but at times there may be some delay to the movement of vehicles. Should you have any special access requirements please contact the County Councils Customer Resolution Centre on 01609 780780.
(28 September 2017)