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Community Grant in response to COVID-19

 The Richmondshire Coronavirus Community Grant Scheme is a new grant scheme that has been set up to help grass root organisations provide key support to vulnerable Richmondshire residents through the coronavirus pandemic.

The scheme will help community groups across the district with cash handouts from £50 to £500. To find out more and to download an application form, please click on the following link

How to Find Licenced Textile Collections – Richmondshire

Unlicensed textile collections are a big problem in the textile recycling industry – many illegal operators are taking  advantage of the lack of resources in Council licensing departments and avoiding applying for a licence, hoping that residents will not question the validity of any textile bag dropping through their letterbox.

The solution is quite simple – Licenced collections have gone through scrutiny and been authorised along with the requests from the exempt charities (large charities that have nationwide permission from Government) with collection dates within a district. You will quickly see what is not authorised and ignore /report unauthorised collections. This link provides details of registered charity collections in the Richmondshire District  https://www.richmondshire.gov.uk/licensing/charitable-collections/registered-charity-collectors/

Sadly there are gangs nationwide who are involved in this fraud and the pickings are good – a tonne of good quality second hand clothing can be sold in the region of £800 > £1000 per tonne and often the crime is associated with VAT fraud, money laundering and people trafficking. It also deprives legitimate charities of valuable funding and hoodwinks the public who think they are helping a good cause.